Labrador Retriever Training Fundamentals and Tips

Labrador Retrtiever

Tips To Help You Start Training Your Labrador Retriever

Labrador training is a crucial responsibility every dog owner should accomplish. It’s important that you take into consideration the training and other needs of a dog before you get] one. Should the training done properly, it will certainly result to a well-behaved dog everybody loves to be around. But be reminded that training is not a one-time process nor a one-week non-stop activity. Successful training is obtained over time using the most effective and helpful dog training methods.

Since the labrador is regarded as one of the most intelligent and greatly adaptable breeds, it is not impossible to train your dog to do different tasks like agility, disabled assistance, search and rescue operations, hunting, therapy work and many others. But before your pet can perform these tasks in flying colors, they should undergo basic labrador training first.

Learn the basic tips for successful training:

Start training as soon as you bring him home.

The best time to begin training your pet is immediately after you bring him home. Through this, he’ll get familiar with the new atmosphere you brought him into. During these period, it is best to get him accustomed to things, places and other stuff he may run into in the future. Introduce him to resident pets and expose him to kids, other people outside the household including the delivery guy and your neighbors. You can also take him to parks, vet clinic, beach and other places you and your family frequent. Additionally, early training reduces the odds of your pet to develop bad behaviors that can be hard to break. These behaviors include but not limited to aggression, growling, too much barking and biting.

Labrador Retriever Training
Labrador Training

Labrador Retriever Training video

Keep training but make it short and enjoyable.

Labrador training does not end once your dog has learned the commands you would like him to learn. Keep training and enforce the commands to your day to day activities but be sure that training sessions should not last for more than 20 minutes to prevent your pet from becoming bored. Training should be fun and challenging too.

Train you Labrador Retriever with consistency and determination.

It’s extremely hard to obtain positive training outcome if you’re not consistent and determined enough. Lack of consistency is more likely to confuse your pet while lack of determination can make you quit training or worse, abandon your pet.

Reward good behavior.

Promote good behavior by rewarding your furry friend whenever he did something desirable. Be it treats or praise, giving of reward is one of the best strategies to let your pet know that you are pleased with what he did.

Exciting games of intelligence and skill are also particularly important for Labrador Retriever training, in which he may occasionally win a treat.

You can find a wide range of intelligence toys in specialized stores or you can simply build them yourself. These games require brains and the Labrador uses his nose, opens drawers, operates levers or lifts a hat to receive a prize.