3 Tips To Help Make Your Dog More Comfortable In Your Home

How is it your dog is NEW to your home? Did you just buy her as a puppy, adopt her as an adult, or is the HOME new to both of you? Regardless, the only fundamental difference really is in the amount of time that will be allotted to tip #3, patience. For this article, because my dog is a girl, all references to the term dog will be too. 🙂

Tip #1: Space

A dog needs his own space, so she feels comfort, control, and security. Because a dog will spend a LOT of time sleeping, it is essential that she has a proper bed that will offer his body support. I’ll get into more detail later about which beds are the best!

While your online or at the store, and deciding on which is the best indestructible dog bed buy, consider buying two, and put one where she can hang out with the family, and the other in a crate.

Dog’s love crates, because they feel a sense of ownership in them. Only she can go in, and she knows you will allow her his space if she is in there (because you will, won’t you??). If you’re feeling generous, and have the extra square footage to do so, why not give your dog a whole room?

Suppose you’re on the 5th season of your favorite Netflix flick, and your dog is tired of the noise and flashing images…she will find a great sense of relief to be able to retreat to his bed, crate, or room.

Be sure she has non-skid bowls for his food and water, and maybe a few safe toys to keep her entertained. Say your home is new to you both, be sure to hang on to all of his OLD stuff for at least a couple weeks. the familiarity of them will help her adjust.

Tip #2: Structure A Schedule

If your dog is new to you, it is important to start training her right away. Teach her the rules, and be consistent. Don’t hit her, just verbally reprimand. If your dog has been your best friend for the last five years, and you are both new to home, try to keep your old routines. Pee at 6 am, walk at 8:30 am, play catch from 6:30-6:45pm…or whatever YOUR schedule looks like, keep it!

As best you can at least. If possible, try not to leave your dog for the first few days either. Take her to grab a gallon of milk, and to the post office. she needs you, needs to be reminded that his life hasn’t done a complete 180.

Tip #3: Patience

You’d think by now, we’d all be professionally patient people, life demands it of us at every turn, but becoming a new pet owner, or settling into a new home with your old pet friend, may push the limits of your will. But patient we must be.

Once in your home, you will be striving to implement new rules for the new space, but whether it takes her weeks or months to get the hang of things, just keep on loving her. Get down on the floor and hold your dog, maybe even give her good-bye treats when you leave.

Your scent will linger close to where she can smell, and she will feel reassured.

Since you did decide to read the whole article, I will bless you with one extra tip too. Don’t overwhelm them with others. If your dog is new to your family, and you have other housemates of the furry kind (no, Dad’s back hair doesn’t qualify her like an animal), be cautious in introducing them.

Maybe keep them in separate rooms for a few days, then let them sniff each other through a see-through dog gate, before allowing them to interact.

Also, if you are a first-time pet owner, and are super excited to show your pet off to all your friends, DON’T!

Just give her some time to get used to the average house people that will be around regularly. she will learn your smells, come to recognize each of you, and even look forward to your scheduled time you come home.

Once she’s had a few weeks of adjusting, then show her off to one or two friends at a time.

Now buying a proper indestructible dog bed. Because if you are a responsible, caring adult, you will want what is best for your dog, and ensure she lives a long, healthy, pain-free life. the right bed will support his body and bones, and make her happy.

Hundreds of reviews have been submitted claiming the following two beds to be the best.

You can follow these easy steps to help training your puppy to have a healthier and happier home life for you and your four-legged pooch!

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