How To Keep Your Dog Bed Clean & Odor-Free

There is nothing better than falling into a bed of freshly laundered sheets. I’m sure we can all agree to that!

A clean and great smelling house means that you need to do everything you can to keep your dog bed smelling and looking great. You likely do whatever it takes to keep your human family healthy, and doesn’t your pup deserve the same? Just like you, your pooch wants a great dog bed chew proofed for them to enjoy while also keeping the bed clean and enjoyable.

Extensive research goes into finding the perfect bed for your furry friend. But let’s discuss the best ways to keep that bed clean and odor free. This way, you will both be happy when it’s bedtime!

You may wonder what the importance is of maintaining a dog bed when you can just buy another.

  • The most obvious – That SMELL. If the dog bed is making you gag when you walk by, it is time for a deep clean.
  • However, you cannot always see (or smell) when a bed needs cleaning. Dogs can get into dirty spaces, whether we know it or not. It is best to proactively fight germs and disease.
  • Pet MD tells us that dog beds can contain disease-causing organisms such as bacteria, parasitic and fungal species.
  • Another point to consider is that your pup sleeps MOST of the day. The National Sleep Foundation* found that dogs average 12-14 hours of sleep per day, in spurts. A clean bed will go a long way in making each nap more comfortable.
  • A dirty dog bed can affect your own living space. We all work hard to keep our homes clean and presentable. It would be a shame to forget the dog bed!
Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Guide 2019
Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Guide 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 orthopedic dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

The First Steps To A Cleaner Dog Bed

The first step (to not be overlooked) is to do your research before purchasing a dog bed. Buying a well-made bed that is pricier may be worth the investment, in the long run.
Other aspects to consider (for the perfect bed) are: size, appearance, material, durability, affordability and (of course) your pup’s personality.

Durability not only refers to withstanding teething but also machine washes, so you will want to buy a chew proof dog bed if your four-legged friend likes to tear up their bed. You would not want a bed that falls apart after 3 washes.

A good bed will hold its form, fight odor longer and keep your pup happy. This now leads to the question – How can I keep my dog bed clean and odor free?

1. Pre-Treatment

Just like any process, preparation can go a long way in protecting. Pre-treatment sprays can help prolong your bed’s life and keep odor contained longer. Visit your local pet store to browse protectants.

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Guide 2019
Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Guide 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 orthopedic dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

2. Machine Washing

Be sure to read the label on your chosen dog bed before throwing it in the wash. Durability is a key aspect when purchasing your dog bed. Make sure your bed can withstand several washes to make it worth the price.

Consider adding bleach also, if it’s safe for your machine. Petco advises rotating and cleaning pet beds at least once a week. This will prevent overwhelming odor and will keep your pup’s skin and hair healthy. Petco also reminds pet owners to routinely clean their toys and bowls as well.

3. Hand Washing

Some beds are not made for machine washing or they will last longer if you hand wash. Try to remove dog hair and pre-rinse the bed (if size allows).
It is recommended to start off by soaking the bed. Make sure the water is extremely hot and add in your detergent. Let the bed soak for at least 10 minutes.

Once the water is cool enough, you can start hand-washing. Be sure to squeeze the bed, rub off any dirt and rinse periodically. Repeat this process until you are satisfied.
Let the bed dry out for several hours to prevent mold.

4. On-the-Spot Cleaning

Sometimes you need a quick clean in between washes. Your pup may run in after it starts to rain, tracking mud spots on their clean bed. A wet wash rag or towel should be able to wipe off the worst. You can scrape or vacuum off what remains, after it has time to dry.

Urine usually leads to a machine wash but could be treated quickly when there is not time. First, use a wet rag to soak up the worst of it. Baking soda is an age-old treatment for odor so it would be a good quick-fix. Simply sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the soiled area and let it sit for 15 minutes. Adding in vinegar will also fight odor. Remove the baking soda with a rag after the treatment time.

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Guide 2019
Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Guide 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 orthopedic dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

5. Fighting Odor

After washing (hand or machine) your bed, it should be good to go for another week. But let’s discuss ways to fight probable odor. The center of the bed (or the side – depending on the pup) will take the brunt of usefulness.

Why not protect it with an extra blanket layer? This blanket should be durable and quick to dry. But adding this extra layer will make your bed last longer and will help prevent odor.

There are also household products that can help in between washes. Febreze sprays and wall-fresheners can keep your pet’s corner smelling heavenly. Just make sure that the product is pet-friendly!

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it is time for a new bed.

Signs for A New Bed

  • If your pup no longer sleeps in their bed, it may be time for a new one.
  • The bed can no longer hold its form (after several washes).
  • You cannot rid the bed of odor after exhausting all treatment options.

Dog beds are advertised to last anywhere from 1 to 10 years. Be sure to check your label (and possible warranty) at purchase!

Keep Your Dog’s Bed Looking & Smelling Great!

In conclusion, do not forget that pet owners must go above and beyond to keep their homes clean. Not only must you look for stray hair and forgotten toys, but also work to keep your pup’s bed clean and odor free.

Make the initial purchase a good choice and keep these tips in mind. It will be worth it to buy the best indestructible dog bed possible. A clean and happy home makes for a happy pup (and owner)!

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