The Benefits of Orthopedic Dog Beds for Dogs With Arthritis

If you know your dog has arthritis, it may be time for you to purchase an orthopedic dog bed. The benefits of these beds have been found to improve quality of life and increase energy and vivacity of our most beloved animals. While we spend hundreds of dollars on grooming, toys, and accessories for our dog, many of us are neglecting the necessity of proper bed support provided by an orthopedic dog bed.

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

If you notice your dog isn’t as active as before and avoids a regular routine of playful activities, it may be caused by arthritis. If you haven’t spoken to your veterinarian but suspect that your dog may suffer from arthritis, it may be a good time to bring up the issue.

If your dog has never been active and lively and you suspect that it is caused by a predisposition you may be wrong. Arthritis in dogs can occur as something they are born with or something that they develop over time.

Besides being a treatment for diagnosed or observed arthritis in dogs, investing in an orthopedic dog bed is a low-cost preventative measure. Whether curing arthritic pain or preventing it in the future, the purchase of an orthopedic bed will improve the quality of your dog’s life.

Take Steps To Improve The Happiness Of Your Dog

While there are many purchases made for our dogs that are playful and fun, there is no alternative to an orthopedic bed. It is one of those items that your dog will love, and it will prove beneficial for it whenever it reaches its later stage in life.

Orthopedic dog beds are considered an especially useful treatment option for dogs who have suffered an injury. If you have ever required a cast for your dog, then it is time you consider purchasing an orthopedic dog bed. Accidents can be tragic, but the healing process doesn’t have to be. For accidents that are sprains or bruises, recovery times can be improved by using an orthopedic bed.

The most definitive symptoms that your dog may have arthritis include sensitivity to touch, swollen, tender or warm joints, hoping or limping and changes in movement. In addition to this, if your dog is continually licking or chewing a specific area, it may indicate a form of arthritis. If any of these symptoms apply to your dog, then it’s best to have it checked by a professional veterinarian. It is interesting to note that in cold weather arthritis worsens in dogs.

One additional symptom indicating your dog has arthritis that they get up more slowly or refuse to get out of their sitting or lying down position. Dogs with arthritis have been reported by their owners to suffer through the night. They don’t have to with an orthopedic dog bed.

An orthopedic dog bed may be perfect for your dog. After purchasing an orthopedic dog bed, owners have found their dogs to sleep through the night without interruption and rise in the morning with an attitude that gives their owners something to smile about.

An Orthopedic Dog Bed Can Help Your Pooch With Arthritis

Some of the best orthopedic dog beds are available in different varieties, and even the most inexpensive purchase could lessen the arthritic pains that your dog suffers from. Options to consider include a non-slip bottom, a removable and washable cover, outer water-resistant material and inner memory foam material. Sizing is important to consider as well, and while many owners put their beds in the corners of rooms, it has been found a better option is in the middle of the room, allowing the dog to have enough space to exit and enter the bed.

In rare cases, dogs may at first reject their new orthopedic beds. This may be especially true if transitioning from a regular bed to a foam bed. Using treats or chew toys can welcome them to their new environment. This is a proven technique to tell your dog that this new bed is better for them, especially whenever they are afraid to get their feet wet.

Many dog owners who don’t suspect arthritis in their dog choose an orthopedic bed for numerous reasons. Their choice may be preventative, as these orthopedic beds hold in heat and encourage circulation. Their decision may be based on the breed of their dog; certain dogs are more susceptible to arthritic pain. Their choice may be emotional, only wanting the best for their dog who could suffer only a few days of the year from a strenuous workout.

The cost of these beds may at first seem prohibitory. These beds can run as high as $300. In comparison to other beds, they offer a lot of features that make them last considerably longer. These features primarily include materials that are sturdier and longer lasting. An orthopedic dog bed will last much longer than an ordinary bed, making them a better investment over time.

Give Your Furry Friend The Gift Of Comfort & Health!

Whenever you think of a regular dog bed, most owners replace these beds every few months. The beds usually go flat much sooner than when they are returned. This is similar to the pillows that we sleep on at night. Imagine never replacing your pillow, that would leave us sore and restless. This is the same for our dogs, having a pad made of memory foam is beneficial to us, and having a bed made of memory foam is beneficial to our dogs.

Many owners ask, “can I make my orthopedic bed for half the price?” Remember that you are dealing with a number of issues, customizing a bed that is cut to the right size without imperfections, creating a non-irregular flat surface, having a material that is water-resistant and retains heats and having a bottom that isn’t going to slide around on the ground whenever your dog gets in or out.

Ultimately it is your choice, but it’s likely you will find that multiple failed attempts at creating a custom bed will be more expensive than purchasing a manufactured one.

Dogs who suffer from arthritis will know the joys of having an orthopedic bed. They will show their owners the comforts of these beds through love and affection. Imagine the dog who previously showed no action whenever you arrive home but now greets you at the door and takes an interest in activities. This is the reward of having an orthopedic bed, and these rewards are permanent.

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