Chew Proof Dog Beds

chew proof dog bed

What Is A Chew Proof Dog Bed?

As you research for the best chew proof dog beds, you will find that many companies describe their dog bed as “indestructible” or “chew-resistant.” But if you are the parent of a dog that is an aggressive chewer, then you know how annoying it is to have your furry friend rip through their dog bed five minutes after placing it on the ground.

Besides being durable and able to withstand chewers, many chew proof dog beds are also great because they are a better investment for your budget, they provide added warmth and comfort for your pooch, and they make cleaning much more manageable.

While researching for the best chew resistant dog bed can be difficult, the good thing is that we have done all the hard work for you already. Our team has searched through countless reviews of chew proof dog beds across the Internet to highlight the 3 best indestructible dog beds based on reviews, manufacturer ratings, and customer feedback.

In general, a durable dog bed features a frame made out of metal and other durable materials that are crafted for the sole purpose of not coming loose from aggressive chewers. Along with sturdy frames, many chew proof dog beds come with durable materials that are (almost) impossible to bite. This makes gnawing difficult for any pooch that is a chewer and tends to stand up to even the most aggressive chewers.

Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019
Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 chew proof dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

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Why Do Dogs Chew Their Beds?

chew-proof-dog-beds-indestructible-dog-bedMany dogs have chewing tendencies throughout their lives, and many underlying causes lead dogs to eat. Younger dogs often take on eating habits to relieve tooth pain, and it is a way for them to keep their teeth clean.

If not corrected, your dog could carry this habit through their entire life as a way to relieve stress, anxiety, or as a way to show affection.

Professionals have also identified other factors that cause dogs to chew their bed, like:

  • Teething: Puppies between the ages of four and six months old go through the painful process of teething. As their teeth grow in their mouths, they can be put under a lot of pain, and as a result, many dogs will instinctively chew to help the growing process. Chewing on hard items can alleviate the tenderness of their gums and teeth.
  • Oral Hygiene: If your puppy is always chewing on things around your house then you may want to check on their gum health. Some dogs will chew on different items as a way to keep their gums healthy and active.
  • Testing & Exploration: Dogs are curious by nature, and some dog breeds will chew on items to see if anything comes out. This is especially true for a dog bed since your furry friend spends lots of time in that area and they could wonder what is inside of the bed.
  • Boredom: Just like humans, dogs can get bored if they are not stimulated. Some dogs will destroy items near them as a way to boost their senses. This type of behavior is often found in large dogs and hyperactive breeds.
  • Anxiety: Some pooches that suffer from anxiety or tension will chew their dog bed and other items as a way to cope with their mental stress. Along with an anti-chew dog bed, you should consider training, medication, or provide additional items for the dog to chew on to alleviate their anxiety.
  • Instinct: Since dogs have been bred from wolves, many dog breeds retained the ability to hunt, and protect their pack. Dogs can be moderate chewers if they are looking for easy ways to express this trait and instinct.

As you can see, there are many issues that you need to consider if your trusty companion chews their dog bed. You should think about the age, size, breed, and behavior of your pooch before buying a chew proof dog bed since these pet beds can be more expensive than traditional mattresses.

Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019
Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 chew proof dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

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What Should Pet Owners Look For In A Chew Proof Dog Bed?

While no technical or legal term dictates what a durable dog bed is, there are some features that you can look for when searching for a long-lasting resistant dog bed for your four-legged friend.

1. Water-Resistant Cover

You will want a way to protect the inner material of a dog bed depending on the type of durable dog bed that you purchase. Preventing moisture from coming into contact with high-density memory foam is essential if you want to avoid mold and mildew from forming in the bed, which can lead your four-legged friend to become sick.

Whether your durable dog bed comes with a waterproof sheet that sits under the top cover or the heavy duty cover propels water, you will want some sort of protection from moisture.

2. Washable Cover

Since some dogs who chow their dog beds suffer from anxiety, you may find that your dog has frequent accidents on the couch. In these cases, you will need a way to quickly and easily clean the bed, and a waterproof cover will help you keep your home smelling fresh.

Older and younger dogs tend to have frequent accidents can make the bed uncomfortable for your furry friend. At the same time, if your permanent foundation doesn’t offer a quick and easy solution to keep the dog bed clean, then your bed may need to be replaced in a few months.

3. High-Density Memory Foam

Depending on the age, size, and breed, your furry friend may need a dog bet that has lots of memory foam. Some types of orthopedic dog beds can stand up to moderate chewers, but it is important to note that this type of construction will be destroyed if your dog is an aggressive chewer.

Many pet experts agree that in general larger breeds tend to need more support, especially as they age due to joint and muscle pain. Older dogs often need extra help from an orthopedic dog bed, but you want to make sure that the foam is not too think. If you choose to buy a dog bed with firm stuffing, then you should look for one that has ballistic nylon or another fabric that can withstand wear and tear.

Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019
Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 chew proof dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

4. Overall Chewproof Construction

Considering the ease of cleaning and comfort of your dog bed is important, but the most important factor to consider for a dog proof bed is the quality of construction. You may need to look for a pet bed that is made with double stitching at the seams, a ballistic nylon cover, and strong components that keep your investment in good condition. Many dog owners will review customer feedback for dogs that are of a similar size, breed, and behavioral background as their dog when choosing the best chew-proof dog bed.

5. Materials Safe For Your Dog

Having a well-made and sturdy chew proof dog bed, but you should also think about the materials used. This becomes important if you think about the chances that your furry friend chewer rips through the fabric and other materials.

For this reason, you may want to consider buying a durable dog bed that is made with non-toxic filler. Researching the material used will help reduce the chances that your chewer will become sick if they consume any part of the dog bed.

6. Protect Your Floor With The Right Dog Bed

Chew-proof dog beds are often created from sturdy and rough materials. Everything from the fabric that covers the dog bed to the wood and other materials is made to withstand harsh treatment. These are great for chew-proof construction, but these materials can harm different surfaces like hardwood floors.

You can purchase a dog bed with non-skid and non-slip bottom lining to prevent your dog bed from scratching your flooring. This is especially important if your dog is an aggressive chewer since these actions tend to move the pet bed throughout the home.

Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019
Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 chew proof dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

7. Consider Where The Dog Bed Will Be Placed

When thinking about the type of permanent dog bed that is best for your dog, you should consider where the dog bed will be placed. Will you place the bed inside or outside your house? Will it be in the rain and snow, and what is the climate like?

While most dog beds are indoors for the majority of the time, you may need a different indestructible dog bed specially made for the outdoors. If your dog bed is near moisture, then you may want to choose a bed made from anti-microbial materials. This particular type of construction will reduce the risks of your furry from getting sick if the high-density foam absorbs too much moisture over time.

8. Get The Right Size

Your furry friend should be able to stretch out and relax in their dog bed. Sometimes your faithful companion may be chewing their bed because they are not comfortable and frustrated when laying down. Even if your dog rarely sleeps in their bed, you should make sure that they have enough room to lounge out and enjoy their dog bed.

9. Look At The Style & Shape

Dog beds come in many shapes and sizes like rectangular, nesting, elevated, and doughnut designs. Many doggy parents choose a rectangular dog bed so their loved pet can curl up and relax. Also be sure to check if your bed comes with bolsters, as this gives your dog additional surface area to chew on especially if they are heavy chewers. If your dog is healthy and a heavy chewer then you may need to choose an elevated bed.

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How To Choose The Best Chew Proof Dog Bed For Your Needs

As we have discussed above, there are many elements to consider when researching the best pet bed for your dog that has chewer tendencies. Thinking about the size, age, and type of breed can all play into finding the best chew proof dog bed for both you and your furry friend. If your dog likes to have their bed outside then, you should make sure that you buy a pet bed that is fade resistant and can withstand rain and moisture.

Other tips that you can use when purchasing the best indestructible dog bed are:

  • Define Your Living Area: You should understand where your pet bed will sit. If you choose to keep your pet bed in a common area within your home, then it should match the decor of your existing furniture. Adopting a dog bed that matches your home will make you and your pet feel more comfortable when they need a safe place to relax.
  • Set A Budget: You should choose a durable dog bed that is the right size for your pet. Different sizes and different makes/models of pet beds will cost different amounts so you should set a firm budget before researching. Our list of top the best chew proof dog beds are created to represent responsibly priced beds with tip reviews.
  • Look At Customer Reviews: Don’t just trust what manufacturer sites say, because you can verify different testimonials by looking authenticated customers who have purchased a high-quality proof dog bed to prevent damage.
Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019
Best Chew Proof Dog Beds 2019

Do you want the best for your furry friend? Find the top 3 chew proof dog beds with complete reviews & ratings!

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