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Our Mission

At www.dogsupplies4me.com, we’re passionate about animal welfare and helping pets live happier lives. We offer real-world advice and tips on pet health topics, as well as research and well-written articles on behaviors, training, grooming and the best products to give your four-legged friend the healthiest, happiest life possible

Want to Write For Us?

We welcome guest bloggers who are just as passionate about dogs as we are to contribute guest blog posts to our site. Each post must be thoroughly research and well-written, and the length of each post must be between 800-1,200 words long. You can write from the standpoint of a new puppy parent, or an objective perspective to share how-to content like tips, practical advice, etc. freshly and engagingly.

As a fellow dog lover, we are always looking for thought leaders to help our audience learn about owning and caring for a dog. We know that four-legged friends are more than pets- they are family, and we want to provide the best information available to other dog lovers.

You can share your original articles in your respective area of expertise to help fellow canine-crazy readers!

Writer Guidelines

We know there is a lot of wrong information and poor articles on the Internet and we don’t want to contribute to that trend. To ensure we help our readers, we only accept articles for publication that are edited for clarity, brevity, and ease of readership. We may also make some editorial choices to fit our brand standards better.

  • Each article must be original, and you can’t publish it anywhere else other than our blog. Each post should be between 800-1,200 words.
  • Once your topic is approved by our team, you will need to write the article and submit content as a Word doc for us to review.
  • Articles should offer readers clear advice, takeaways, and how-to tips about a specific topic in the dog world, particular preference given to authors who are thought leaders in a particular niche area.
  • Bullet points and lists are good to add emphasis when pertinent.
  • Include relevant links and source links in parentheses (these may or may not be included, depending on relevance to our audience and existing partnerships)

NOTE: We do not pay contributors for their occasional articles.

Additional Details Required

  • Bio – Include a brief bio of 25 words or less.
  • Headshot – Send us a photo of you, max size: 250×250 pixels.
  • Images – If you have any screenshots, charts, or other suggested images to accompany your article, send them along or let us know where we can find them. We reserve the right to select all final images but appreciate your input.

How To Submit Your Article

Be sure to include ‘Article Submission’ in the subject line if you wish to be considered, along with the topic and summary of your post. If approved, we will reply with an email address to which you can send your full article. Send your articles to hello [at] dogsupplies4me [dot] com

What To Expect After Your Article Is Approved

If your article has been accepted for publication, we will let you know within two weeks of receiving your email. If we choose not to proceed with your article, you may or may not hear back from us, depending on how crowded our inbox gets.

Share The Love

Once your article is published, and your name is in lights, do not forget to share the link via your communication channels and participate with our readers in the article’s comment section.